JohnS (ephraim) wrote,

iPhone help

I need assistance from someone who understands the iPhone better than I. I've got myself an app that alerts me when I am driving towards a pesky speed camera. This app also allows me to play music at the same time, and displays my current location on google maps - so kinda like sat nav lite. I'm hooking it up with a 3.5m
jack to jack cable into my stereo aux input. Everything works ok, and I'm a happy boy.

There is however a predictable fly in my proverbial. The app chews power cos it's using the gps a lot, but when I plug my charger in, the sound stops. I presume that this is cos the phone thinks it's been docked and is trying to play the music through the cigarette lighter. This has never been a problem with my iPod classic when used with the same set up. The charger is a basic Logic3 jobby.

Any ideas how to solve this?
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