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    Monday, March 29th, 2010
    9:27 pm
    Sonisphere 2010
    A few of us went to the Sonisphere festival last year and had an absolute hoot. So, I'm intending to go again this year.

    With Rammstein and Iron Maiden headlining the two nights, it's very definitely a metal fest; and add Alice Cooper, Slayer, Motley Crue, Iggy Pop, and The Cult; and it looks like another cracking year for those of us who are still living in the late eighties/early nineties.

    Anyone fancy joining me for a weekend of metal excess?
    3:15 pm
    iPhone geekery
    So, I have finally succumbed to the Jobsian mind control, and am exchanging my LG stupidname phone for an Apple equallystupidname iPhone. Despite the usual victory of money over good sense when it comes to tech, I have actually stayed my geekiness, and am getting a 3G rather than a 3GS (a price difference of £300 being key to the decision). It's due to arrive tomorrow, and I find myself thinking a bit about accessories.

    Obviously I'll need a case... does anyone have any experience of any decent cases? The range is somewhat baffling - I'd prefer something that doesn't bulk the already large phone too much, and beyond that I don't really mind. What about other accessories? I've got a car charger and a plug in charger, so should be ok for those. And I'm pretty much sorted for a dock too!

    Oh, and any apps that class as must haves?

    Saturday, October 17th, 2009
    1:34 pm
    So, Interlagos in the F1 this weekend. Anyone fancy joining us to watch Jenson fail to become world champion this week? There may be home baked scones.

    The F1 circus continues to entertain, with good old Max getting more than a little ansty with Ari Vatanen. Anyone would think that Max and Jean weren't certain that they're going to win.

    Forest have a late kickoff against the Toon this afternoon. Whilst I would like for our much vaunted, but somewhat underperforming strikeforce to have a field day, and aside from the fact that we are the "form" team in the Chamiponship at the mo; I fear we're going to take a pasting. 4-1 to Newcastle or the like. Here's hoping that its just natural pessimism.

    Next weekend is both Rally Wales, or Rally GB, or whatever they are calling it now that the Welsh assembly have turned out to be untrustworthy shits. For the first time in some years, I'm spectating rather than marshalling, along with the missus and rjstra, and we're taking Iz along (with her neat pink ear defenders). Still, it's going to be a horrendously early start. Fingers crossed that we see part of a Hirvonen victory, meaning that the drivers championship ends up somewhere new this year. Seb is brilliant, but dominance in any sport gets tedious after a while.

    And then on sunday, there's the NFL international series game, Tampa Bay Bucs vs the New England Patriots. I'm hoping for a Tampa victory... but I'm also hoping to win the lottery, and given that I don't enter the lottery, I think that the odds are about the same. Still, it'll be a laugh, and the company will be good, as I'm going with ghatanothoa and lupercal.

    Lastly, the following friday I'm off to Sale vs Gloucester with my in-laws. Assuming that Nissan aren't getting me to attend their Race academy at Silverstone that afternoon. I have no idea what either of the rugby teams are like this season, but i'm sure it'll be entertaining nonetheless.

    november_girl is complaining that I only ever write here about sport. So i promise, that, sometime in the next seven days, I shall post about something else. Probably cars.
    Friday, September 25th, 2009
    10:11 am
    On the blag again...
    Lots going on the past few days, not all of it good, but pretty much all chronicled by november_girl on her journal. Aside from work... which is filled with the leaden sound of impending deadlines. Sucky.

    Anyway, I'm on the scrounge again, and figured that I'd try here before adjourning to Ebay. I'm looking for a 15" TFT monitor to use at home as my second screen. It doesn't need to be anything particularly complicated, but does need to be in decent working order and capable of 1024x768 resolution. If it was black that would be nice. Unfortunately, CRTs are no good, due to a paucity of desk space.

    I'm happy to throw a little money at it, say about £20, but don't have much more than that to spend.

    Anyway, here's hoping someone can help out.
    Monday, August 17th, 2009
    10:55 pm
    50 bands meme
    I was caught on Facebook by Simon, so figured that in lieu of actual meaningful content I'd participate.

    OK, here are the rules. Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands (or as many as you can remember) you’ve seen in concert. List the first 50 acts that come into your head.

    1. Sabbat
    2. Toranaga
    3. Ian Gillan
    4. Nirvana
    5. Iron Maiden
    6. Killer Dwarves
    7. Sisters of Mercy
    8. Necrophobia
    9. Hawkwind
    10. Ozric Tentacles
    11. Steeleye Span
    12. Manowar
    13. Nuclear Assault
    14. Metallica
    15. Megadeth
    16. Slayer
    17. AC/DC
    18. Imagined Village
    19. Back to the planet
    20. Dogs D'Amour
    21. Xentrix
    22. John Tams
    23. Cult
    24. Testament
    25. 4 colours red
    26. Motorhead
    27. Faster Pussycat
    28. Sepultura
    29. Killing Joke
    30. Linkin Park
    31. Fish
    32. Whitesnake
    33. Skyclad
    34. Skid Row
    35. Guns n Roses
    36. Zombina and the Skeletones
    37. Pearl Jam
    38. Danzig
    39. White Zombie
    40. Red Kross
    41. Stone Temple Pilots
    42. Thunder
    43. Whatever
    44. Virus
    45. All About Eve
    46. Wayne Hussey
    47. Therapy?
    48. Aerosmith
    49. Chris Cornell (and Soundgarden too)
    50. Dread Zeppelin

    So, there we go. I understand that it's traditional to tag some people, but I don't like to put pressure on people, so if you read this and fancy a go, go for it!

    Current Mood: happy
    Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
    11:55 am
    Fantasy football
    Another call for more pariticpants in our rock and roll football league.

    Sign up at and once you have the team sorted join the league under pin 513.

    It's free to play, and no experience or understanding of football is really required (given my past experience of these things, a chimpanzee could do better than I usually do). Simple, straightforward and a bit of fun.
    Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
    7:34 pm
    Fatherhood and photos
    Well, fatherhood is much better than it's cracked up to be. Our little Isabella being just about perfect in my eyes. I am the stereotypical monotopic, rose-tinted, besotted and proud daddy. And even that makes me happy. It's pretty sickening.

    Anyway, photos are up at:

    here and here.

    Elsewhere, Sonisphere is friday week, and promises to be mucho fun, and things are looking good for Nottingham football with Forest making some stunning moves in the transfer window (particularly happy about McGoldrick, Gunter and the polish lad) and County getting a bizarre, but welcome, appointment to the position of director of football.
    Monday, June 1st, 2009
    9:18 pm
    Monday, April 27th, 2009
    11:10 pm
    Staying up!
    Thank you Reading.
    Hard luck Norwich.
    Sad for Soton.
    See you next year, Newcastle!

    You Reds!
    Friday, April 10th, 2009
    12:03 pm
    Free stuffs!
    More on the freaky hooded dudes later, once I have the rest of my holiday photos flickrised.

    However, in the meantime, it's the great easter giveaway! We're clearing out our spare room, in anticipation of filling it full of baby crap clothing and accessories. And we've got some stuff that no longer has a home here. All of it free to a good home.

    If you'd like any of it, please shout here or via my mobile. We'd much rather that it went this weekend, but can deliver locally if we have to. If we get no takers by later in the weekend, we'll probably have to freecycle it.

    Anyway - on with the list of swag.

    1 Surround sound system. It's a slightly elderly, but astonishingly good, Sony 5:1 system, with processing box. You plugs your telly and DVD and video (anyone still got one?) into it and it makes them sound 50 times as good. It comes with a freestanding subwoofer and remote control. It's really good and I'm sad to part with it, but november_girl doesn't like it so rather than have it gather dust...

    1 DVD player. Cheap, korean (I suspect) but entirely functional. Plays DVDs. Nuff Said.

    1 Telly. Goodmans 21" CRT. Big, heavy, old, but in good working order. It's not going to win any awards for design or beauty, but it allows you to watch telly.

    A bunch of Myth and Magic figures. november_girl is giving up her collection of myth and magic figures to any good home that'd like them. Usual drill, pewter figures of dragons and wizards and ting, with crystals glued on any flat surface.

    Lastly, and I'm not sure that anyone will want this, is my old motorcycle helmet. It was second hand when I got it, from Roj (sans LJ). I trust him enough that i was prepared to believe that when he said it'd had never been dropped or crashed I believed him. I have never dropped or crashed it either. I know that you are not supposed to use second hand lids, but I thought I'd offer it in case someone can find a use. It's a 55cm Shoei affair, white with red and purple flashes.

    So there we go. Oh, and if anyone is desperate we have a bunch of bedroom furniture going spare, but it absolutely has to be out of the house asap, and they'd need a van or similar to transport it (and someone strong to help me move it).
    Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
    10:22 pm
    Saturday, March 28th, 2009
    5:15 pm
    So, I have now bought myself a ticket for the Sonisphere festival in August. has all the details, and if any of you fancy coming and joining me that'd be great.

    Edited to add: Any of you who might find the £150 a bit hard to find all in one go should have a peer at the deposit scheme which looks like a fine idea.
    Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
    10:37 pm
    A speculative question...
    Were I to buy a ticket for Sonisphere at knebworth in August (and thus risk the fury of the still-only-just-given-birth-wife by going without her), who'd be interested in joining me?

    Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
    9:49 am
    Yahoo ballyhoo
    Got a little issue and was wondering if anyone could help. It's not a big problem, but it's annoying.

    Essentially, I have had a yahoo account for donkey's years, it's been used for yahoogroups and the like, and when yahoo bought flickr it then got assocated with my flickr account. It has a bunch of stuff associated with it that I need to get to.

    We are also on BT Broadband. As part of their service they deliver their webmail through a BT Yahoo account, essentially giving me a second yahoo account associated with my BT ID.

    If I log into one yahoo account, it logs me out of the other. So, if I want to update my Flickr photos and keep a weather eye upon my e-mail through webmail, I can't - at least not in the same browser. I had the same problem with Google, and the only solution that I could find was to use Firefox for one account and Chrome for the other. Clearly not ideal.

    Anyone got any clever ideas to help me out, or must I suffer the constant logging in and out?
    Saturday, October 4th, 2008
    11:48 am
    Hmmm... seems that there is a meme doing the rounds, and I have been "tagged". I feel like some sort of rare bird, molested by do-gooders in an attempt to find out where I'm off to. Still, as I'm nice, I shall oblige.

    More behind hereCollapse )

    I'm not going to tag anyone, but if anyone reading this wants to jump on board, feel free to pretend that I did.
    Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
    2:09 pm
    A double whammy of wrongness
    Do not click these links. They are both bad.

    The first is bad, and the second worse.

    Really, I mean it... the second is really bad... especially pic #12 and beyond.

    If you really feel you must... but don't say that I didn't warn you...

    The second is absolutely not safe for animal lovers. You have been warned.
    Sunday, August 10th, 2008
    1:01 pm
    Following on from my lovely wife's writeup here, , there are some photos on my flickr account of the trip.

    A couple that I particularly like after the cutCollapse )

    Feel free to comment on the photos, but bear in mind that I am a snapper not a photographer!
    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
    10:55 am
    Motor car musing
    Over on the very marvellous Driver's Republic (well worth a read if you're a petrolhead), Chris Harris has posted an intriguing blog article. The premise is that there are many supercar clubs out there, who take x amount of cash every month, and then allow you to borrow one of their cars. However, it's always the same array of Ferrarrarrrarrrs, Lambos, Astons and the like. Mr Harris suggests that of more interest would be a club that allowed you to drive (for a weekend or so) cars that are more interesting than super.

    This got me thinking about the cars that I'd like to drive, and so I've compiled a little list (not least cos I'm a bit bored at work right now):

    List behind the cutCollapse )

    Feel free to add your own lists in the comments, or to repost the idea on your journal.
    Sunday, July 20th, 2008
    4:19 pm
    Revised birthday shenanigans
    So, the Rock and Blues custom show is once more not happening. They have now officially exhausted my patience and lost my custom for any future events, no matter how good they might look. This has also left me casting around in the darkness for something to do to celebrate getting older. I think that I have settled now on some fun things, and list them here in an attempt to drum up extra participation.

    On thursday 24th, garethdavies and I shall be heading London-wards for the British Motor Show at Excel. I understand that there will be many pretties on hand for us to drool over, and some nice looking cars too. We are booked into the 4:30pm Live arena show if anyone wishes to join us, and if you contact me, I have a discount code which claims to offer tickets from £6.50 - though I don't know how many for as it arrived after I'd already booked. That evening there will be drinks in the Smoke, most likely in Ilford or its environs. More to come about exact venues and times later in the week.

    On friday 25th, fud. The jolly pleasant McKees in Studley is the proposed venue (sub £20 set menu goodness), and all are welcome. Please leave a reply here or drop me a mail if you'd like to join me. There will in all likelihood be a few drinkies at ours afterwards, and limited crash space is available by prior arrangement.

    Saturday the 26th is open house day. If the weather is good, then there will be burning of meat. If the weather isn't then there may not. The wedding Scalextric will hopefully put in an appearance, and there will be drinking and merriment. Anytime after 1pm ish please; kiddies welcome up til 6/7pm ish; thereafter my alcohol intake will have overtaken my profanity filter and the poor darlings ears may melt. There will likely be games in the evening, and more beer/wine/whisky. Again, some crash space available, by prior arrangement.

    I hope to see people at one/more/all of the above!
    Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
    8:44 pm
    Happy Birthday jul1et
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